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updated 9/20/2023 

Overnight Service Trips Have returned to cabin stays and shared meals

Single day greenhouse events are on!  

Covid-related restrictions on service trips have been relaxed.   While it is still important to practice good hygene, sanitation and Covid-spread mitigation practices,  limits on cabin use and occupancy have been lifted as have vaccination attestation requirements.  Service trips to cabins allow full occupancy and shared meals.  This means 10 inside at Paliku,  12 at Kapalaoa, 4 at Holua Rangers cabin (with additional tenting participants) .    

For overnight tent camping trips,   You must carry in your own  sleeping bag, and clothes as well as you food for breakfast and lunch and your share of the dinner groceries.   

Back country trips will be long, physically challenging days requiring hiking and climbing at high altitudes both on and off trail.    Your reward is an opportunity to enjoy your Park in areas you may have never visited and leaving it better off than before your service. The Kipahulu cabin and tent site is accessible by car.  While easier to get to, these trips also involve hard work, often in hot and wet conditions. 

You must register and be approved by the trip leader to join.    For more information and to sign-up,  contact the trip leader described in the schedule below or   or   

(Matt Wordeman photos)

Monthly One-Day Nursery Service Events 

The Friends of Haleakala National Park are offering a new one-day service activity at the park’s plant nursery in the Haleakala summit district on the first Tuesday of each month. 

Volunteers will help park horticulturist with jobs involving caring for the rare, endemic plants being propagated, such as transplanting, weeding, cleaning and preparing seeds for storage or planting, and some pot washing.  The park recycles pots which have to be carefully cleaned to prevent the spread of plant diseases. There may sometimes be some out planting, but most of the service work is done inside, and participants can drive up to the location of the work.

Reservations are required due to group size limitations.  To show your interest in volunteering later in the year, click on the appropriate date below and fill in the form.  You will be contacted with details. 

September 5, 2023
October 3, 2023
November 7. 2023
December 5, 2023

Participants should bring water, lunch and snacks, and their own gloves if desired. The park will provide other tools. Wear sturdy shoes, and in case of out planting work, bring a hat and sunscreen.


2023 Dates Location Organizer
April 14-16 Kipahulu cabin and tent site Mike Fleenor / Laura
May 27-30 Paliku Rangers cabin Elizabeth
June 10-12 Holua Rangers shelter and tent site Matt
July 1-4 Paliku Rangers cabin Elizabeth
August 20-22  Kapalaoa cabin Matt
Sept. 2-5 rescheduled for Oct 14-16 Paliku Rangers cabin ANdy and Elizabeth
Nov 11-12  Kipahulu cabin and tent site Mike Fleenor / Laura

Kipahulu trips are car camping.  
Holua trips are limited occupancy and/or tent camping. 
Kapalaoa trips are difficult back-packing trips. 
Paliku trips are strenuous back-packing trips 

Please consider your experience, ability and physical condition when choosing a trip. 


Before signing up for a service trip, please create an account (from link in the left column), then log into the account to learn more about the trips and certify your readiness for a service trip. After that, call or email the listed leader for more information and to make reservations to join a trip.   If the leader is TBD, contact Andy or Matt

Leader Contact Information

  • Andy:
  • Elizabeth
  • Joani:   (808)856-9572
  • Laura:
  • Matt:    (808)876-1673
  • Michael
  • Mike:
  • Mike Fleenor

For all overnight trips in the Crater, participants need to bring first day's water, sun and rain protection, work gloves, comfortable boots or close-toed walking shoes, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent,  extra socks, breakfasts, lunches, dinners,  personal supplies, a flashlight and warm clothing. 

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Friends of Haleakala National Park
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