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Crater Trip Packing Checklist

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Clothes (be prepared for freezing, wet or roasting conditions – we could have them all.)
· Rainjacket (we can loan a jacket if you wish)
· Rain pants (optional, we can loan a jacket if you wish)
· Hiking boots or sturdy, broken-in shoes
· Thick socks (synthetic or wool is better than cotton)
· Long sleeved shirt (avoid cotton)
· Pants 
· Underwear
· Sun Hat
· Warm cap (optional)
· Gloves or mittens (optional, not cotton)
· Fleece or similar jacket or sweater (not cotton)
· Long underwear (optional not cotton)
· Work gloves (if you have a favorite pair, otherwise we can provide.)
Basically, versatile wool or synthetic layers that will keep you warm and dry.

For the Cabin
· Warm sleeping bag/ (all bunks are padded)
· Slippers (optional) 

Personal Items
· Backpack (framed packs are best. Must be big enough to carry your equipment and share of the food. )
· Lightweight day pack (optional)
· Sunscreen (high SPF)
· Water bottles (at least 2 liters per person for the hike in. We can re-fill at the cabin)
· Flashlight w/ batteries
· Toilet paper (small roll for emergencies)
· Lip balm
· Toothbrush & paste
· Small hand towel
· Sunglasses/Eyeglasses/Contacts & supplies
· Ear plugs
· Hiking sticks (optional, we can loan you a pair)
· ID, insurance card

First Aid Supplies
· Personal prescription drugs
· Aspirin/Tylenol/Ibuprofen
· Ace bandage
· Band-aids
· Moleskin or duct tap

Remember everything, including food, has to be carried on your back. All trash, food scraps and left-overs must be packed out. Put anything and everything that shouldn’t get wet into plastic bags (ziplocks or garbage bags) and bring a few extra bags in case of rips. Tools and work gloves will be provided.

Bring your own food for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Lunch should be packable as we may be working away from the cabins all day. Dinners will be family style, vegetarian meals. You will be asked to pay your share for dinner groceries. You may bring your own meat if you wish. All cook gear and cutlery is available at the cabin along with a wood stove and propane burners. Water is available at the cabins. Bring food that is light weight and has minimal ‘waste and packaging’ that will need to be carried out. Instant oatmeal, raisins, dried fruit work well for breakfast. Pre-made sandwiches, snack bars, dried fruit work, tuna in foil, etc. work well for lunch.
If you have food allergies or special dietary restrictions, please let the trip leader know before the trip. Bring sufficient food for your breakfast and lunch to sustain your energy throughout the day. You will be hiking long distances, carrying heavy loads and will be active for long periods at high altitude. In other words, you will be burning a lot of calories. Keep yourself hydrated and fed.

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