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Loa Loa heiau clearing


2009 Service Trip Schedule
Jan 17-18: Kapalaoa (central crater outplanting)
Feb 15-16: Holua (Waikau North heterotheca)
Mar 14-15: Kapalaoa (Waikau South heterotheca)
Apr 12-13: Holua (Waikau North heterotheca and Holua South heterotheca)
May 23-24: Paliku Kaupo Gap Service/Learning (Paliku Painting)
Jun 13-14: Kapalaoa (Crystal Cave heterotheca)
Jul 3-4: Paliku Kaupo Gap Service/Learning (Paliku thistle)
Aug 8-9: Waikau tent camping (Waikau North heterotheca)
Sep 5-6: Paliku Kaupo Gap Service/Learning (Paliku thistle)
Oct 10-12: Kapalaoa 3 night (Crystal Cave heterotheca, maybe Waikau heterotheca)
Not 14-15: Holua (Waikau North heterotheca, Holua south heterotheca)
Dec 5-6: Kapalaoa (central crater outplanting, or heterotheca)


January 14 -16
Saturday through Monday. Stay at Kapalaoa Cabin. Participants will hike 2 days and work 1 day removing non-native plants. There will be time for relaxation and photography or exploring. For information and reservations, call Friends of Haleakala National Park service coordinator Matt, 876-1673.

January 20-22
Saturday - Monday,  in Kapalaoa cabin. Volunteers will work with
National Park staff to outplant native plants as a part of the
reforestation effort in the park. For information and reservations,
call Matt 876-1673

February 5-8
Monday through Thursday, at Paliku Cabin. Participants may attend for either part or all of the days. The mission will be planting of native grasses, shrubs and trees. Call 876-1673 for information and reservations.

February 17-18

Sunday-Monday, at Holua Cabin. Outplanting native grasses, shrubs and trees. Call 876-1673 for information and reservation.

Additional similar Crater overnight trips scheduled for :
Apr 7-10: Paliku/Holua cabins, invasive species; weed trim and nene habitat restoration
June 10-12: Holua cabin, heterotheca/plantago removal
Aug 9-12: Kapalaoa cabin, heterotheca/plantago removal
Oct. 21-22: Paliku patrol cabin, invasive species removal
Nov. 11-12:  Holua cabin, work to be announced
December 15-18: Kapalaoa Cabin, work to be announced 

"Haleakala National Park Summit Area, 9 to 1 Service Days"

Our annual Christmas tree / pine tree clearing on Pu'u Nianiau (gravel quarry pull-out on the right, before the Park entrance) at 9am on Sat., Dec. 9.  This is a joint service trip with the Sierra Club, Maui Group.  Bring gloves, hand tools, water and snacks and rain and sun protection.  Sorry, no chain saws allowed.  Help us pull keiki & "teen" alien pines and find yourself a Christmas tree, or pine greens, to take home.  For more information, call 572-9724.  No reservations required


Saturday-Sunday, November 18 - 19 - Cancelled due to road closure

Volunteers are needed November 18 and 19 for an overnight service trip at the Haleakala National Park Pools of Ohe’o in Kipahulu. The noon Saturday to noon Sunday service trip may include planting native plants and doing nursery work or invasive species removal. For reservations or more information about road conditions, meeting place, and overnight arrangements, call 248-7660.


Hike from the top of Sliding Sands trail at Haleakala’s summit, through the Crater with a 2-night cabin stay, and out Kaupo Gap, with van transportation provided back from Kaupo.  A member of the park staff will come along on these trips to provide interpretation and education. Volunteers will work just 4 hours and learn about the Park’s ecosystems as they walk from "summit to sea." There is a $15 charge.  Call Farley, 248-7660, or Matt, 876-1673, for more information or reservations.

Saturdays - Mondays:
May 27-29
July 1-3
Sept. 2-4


Saturday, January 15, 9am to 3pm, Summit Area
Maximum number of participants: 20
Removal of pine seedlings and other non-native species from Hosmer’s Grove to the Park Road. Volunteers will be walking in brushy areas in rough terrain. Long pants and closed toed shoes/boots are required. Meet in the maintenance area inside the park gate.

January 24 - 28: Monday to Friday
Location: Wilderness area, Kapalaoa Cabin
Maximum number of participants: 12
Project will be planting and care of native species. Group will go in via Keonehe'ehe'e (Sliding Sands Trail) and come out Halemau'u Trail (the Switchback). For this trip, call 248-7660. Participants may come in for fewer than the full 5 days.

Saturday, February 19, 9am to 3pm, Summit Area
Maximum number of participants: 20
Removal of pine seedlings in the Hosmer’s Grove and Pu’u Nianiau areas. If weather permits, a native planting project will occur as well. Volunteers will be walking and working in brushy areas in rough terrain. Long pants and closed toed shoes/boots are required. Meeting area to be announced

March 4 - 6: Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon
Location: Wilderness area, Holua Cabin
Maximum number of participants: 12
Project will be removal of non-native species in the Holua area and some minor cabin cleaning and maintenance.


Saturday Sept. 28, 2002  
Ohe'o Gulch, Kīpahulu. Cleaning and restoration of a small loi, or taro patch, near Waimoku Falls, 2 miles each way, mostly level.

Saturday - Sunday, October 12 - 13, 2002  
Crater. Weeding our aromatic invasive plants around Kapalaoa Cabin first day and along the trail to Holua Cabin second day. 

Saturday - Sunday, Nov. 9-10, 2002   (Returning Monday, Veteran's Day):
Haleakala Crater.
Weeding alien rabbit's-foot clover near Holua Cabin and overnight in cabin.

Saturday, November 16, 2002 
Auwahi Dryland Forest, slopes of Haleakala past Ulupalakua.
Art Medeiros, who has been working on the study and protection of native plants of leeward  Haleakala for the last 15 years, led a service trip to the Auwahi Preserve.

Saturday, Nov. 30  returning Sunday, Dec. 1, 2002
Participants worked on trail maintenance at the National Park's Pools of Ohe'o in Kipahulu and on helping clear an ancient taro patch, or loi kalo.  

Loa Loa heiau clearing


One-Day Service Trips

February 14, May 8, August 14 and December 11.
Habitat Restoration and Native Plant Protection
Habitat restoration and native plant protection service trips on Haleakala Mountain are planned for 4 Saturdays in 2004, jointly sponsored by Friends of Haleakala National Park and the Sierra Club and will take place around Pu’unianiau at approximately 6,500 feet elevation, and in other nearby areas. Bring sun/rain protection, gloves, boots or closed shoes, water, snacks.

March 13 and May 15
Haleakala National Park Summit Area, 10am - 3pm
One-day service trips, rain or shine, working in the Park greenhouse transplanting native plants and on projects at Hosmer’s Grove.

August 1
There will be service trips at the summit and in the Kipahulu area, followed by birthday cake. Projects may include: cultural demonstrations, planting native garden, weeding, invasive palnt removal, painting, weed trimming, window washing, and in Kipahulu, possibly trail maintenance. Bring: sun & rain protection, hat, work gloves, lunch and water (3 liters per person in Kipahulu). CONTACT for more information or reservations: Sharon Ringsven, (808) 572-4487 or

Pu'u Nianiau alien plant control

Overnight Service Trips

Service Overnights in Haleakala Crater
For all overnight trips in the Crater: bring first day's water, sun and rain protection, work gloves, comfortable boots or walking shoes, sleeping bag, extra socks, breakfasts, lunches, dinner food contributions as coordinated by leader, personal first aid supplies, a weeding tool if possible, a flashlight, candles, and warm clothing. Cabins are equipped with bunks, firewood, dishes and cooking utensils.

April 24-25
Two-night service trip in Haleakala Crater
At Kapalaoa and Holua cabins, hiking out April 26. Removal of non-native plants and possibly cabin cleaning.

June 11-14
Two-night service trip in Haleakala Crater
Haleakala Crater, at Kapalaoa and Holua.cabins. similiar to the April project.

September 16-19

Crater, Paliku Cabin Invasive Plant Species Eradication (Heterotheca, Blackberry, etc.) (Possibly cleaning & preparation for October painting if summer YCC crews do not) Work 9/17-18, hiking out 9/19.

October 9-11/12
Kapalaoa Cabin in Haleakala Crater
Volunteers will be prepping and painted the interior of Kapalaoa Cabin and may also do non-native plant species removal as time or group size permits. Bring work gloves and eye protection, if possible.

November 11-14
Paliku Cabin in Haleakala Crater
Volunteers will primarily be working on removal of non-native plant species in the Paliku area. Some minor maintenance or trail work may be done. Bring good raingear, as work will be outdoors, rain or shine.

December 3-6
Kapalaoa Cabin, Haleakala Crater
Volunteers will be working side by side with Park staff, planting native species. Be prepared to day-hike up to 6 miles per day. Weather permitting, other vegetation work will be done.

Service Overnights in Kipahulu
For all overnight trips in Kipahulu, Park will provide tools. Bring gloves, long pants and long-sleeved work shirt, water bottle, sun/rain protection, swim wear, bug repellent, food, flashlight and sleeping bag.

NOTE: Overnight participants may stay in the volunteer cabin or use tents or campers in the campground.

July 3-4
Kipahulu, Saturday, 1 to 5pm and Sunday 8am to noon.
Work in the greenhouse weeding and transplanting plants; clean and scrub bunkhouse walls, windows, counter, etc.; rake Kuloa Loop Trail & remove downed hala fronds from trail

August 28-29
Kipahulu, Sat. 1-5pm, Sun. 8am to noon.
Work TBD.

September 18-19
Saturday, 1 to 5pm and Sunday 8am to noon.
Same as July project.

Friends of Haleakala National Park
P.O. Box 322 ~ Makawao, HI 96768
(808) 876-1673 ~