Haleakala Wilderness Cabin Reservation (WCR) System

Calendar Panel

This panel displays the status of the cabin reservations for a 90 day period. The links at the top of the calendar allow you to refresh the calendar (to see any changes that have been made by you or other users since the calendar was first displayed). Initially the calendar starts at today’s date. For the sake of calculating ‘today’ and 90 days in the future, the day starts at 1:00 PM HST. Follow the links above the calendar to move the start date forward or backward. The calendar is arranged similar to a standard calendar view. That is, a weeks worth of days in each major row. In each day are three lines, describing the status of the three cabins. The cabins are listed in the leftmost column of the calendar. Each cabin-night will be listed as Pending-if requested, but not paid for, Taken-if paid for or Available if the cabin is available.   If the cabin-night is available, it will also have checkbox.  Check this box to choose this cabin-night in your request.   Requests are restricted by cabin usage rules.   Follow the link in the calendar page to see the details of the usage rules.    In addition to indicating which cabins you want, fill in the contact section, and hit the Submit Request button.

Reservation Request - Contact Section Field Description

After the Submit Request button is pressed, the reservation requests and the contact information will be checked. If information is missing, or the requests are not allowed, a message will be displayed. Otherwise, a reservation confirmation and payment selection panel will be displayed.

Reservation Confirmation and Payment Selection Panel

This panel is displayed after a valid reservation request has been submitted.  The top of this panel summarizes the reservations requested and the contact information entered and the fee to be charged. The bottom section of the panel provides the choice of the next action. If the reservation information is NOT correct, then press cancel Reservation Request. If cancelled at this point, no fee is charged. If the reservation request is accurate, a choice must be made of how the reservation will be paid for. Choose from one of the following options:

Selecting PayGov will transfer you to the Pay.Gov site to enter your payment information. After this, you will be returned to a confirmation page with instructions on how to pick up the reservation permit. An e-mail will also be sent with the same information.